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Smart IoT Skin Rejuvenation Solution

The Contemporary Cosmetician's Ultimate Connection

JÓLI360 is an innovative skincare solution that lets contemporary cosmeticians enjoy the ultimate connection. Bringing together cutting-edge technologies and formulations, along with a customized approach and the significant advantages of IoT, JÓLI360 is the gateway to the most up-to-date cosmetic treatments. An app-based touch screen tablet solution, this compact and portable system boosts your clinic's capabilities, and positions you at the forefront of the professional world of beauty. JÓLI360 places control and flexibility in your hands, while offering enhanced ROI - quickly and easily.


JÓLI360’s state-of-the-art smart analyzer enables the measurement of three basic skin-status indicators:

Based on a controlled evaluates facial skin elasticityusing a vacuum system and precise optical measurement

Based on an optical system that measures facial skin sebum changes

Based on the measurement of changes in the skin's capacitance